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Pediatric Natural Health Care

There is never a better time to get on the right track with your health than when you are young. That’s why finding natural pediatric care is so important! Pediatric care can help your family build healthy habits early. Remember, kids learn from adults how to be healthy children (and adults when they grow up), so we work together to build a healthy family environment.

Why do we enjoy being the best at pediatric wellness services ? We love working with kids at The Natural Lab because we see such amazing changes -whether they have a health issue to begin with or if they just want to be as healthy as possible.

What Areas Can a Functional Medicine Nutritionist Help With?

A great pediatric nutritionist can support all of your family’s health needs and answer your questions throughout your child’s development. A healthy child will also make your job as a parent a lot easier. How do you act when you don’t feel good? Your child’s health can impact their mood too!

Some of the areas that our patients look for our support in include:

1. Healthy Nutrition Programs 

Your child’s food can make them healthier or it can make them very sick. Depending on their sensitivities, we will choose to avoid foods like sugar, dairy, wheat, and processed foods or minimize the use of these foods to reduce inflammation. 

It can be very difficult for a parent to find the best food for their child because each child is different. Our personalized nutrition plans can determine what foods your child needs to avoid and, more importantly, which ones they can enjoy. You will also get great nutrition advice and we have recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

2. Lab analysis 

When a child is sick a parent just wants to find answers and will go to whatever lengths necessary to find their child relief. Our comprehensive analysis of your child’s labs along with the functional medicine matrix is more complete than typical testing and helps us understand how the body is functioning to restore your child’s optimal health.

3. Silent Meditation 

There are so many benefits to meditation, and they can be very helpful for kids. Their bodies experience so many traumas and meditating regularly is a great habit to get into. It can help them sleep better, remove mental blockages and stress, support their mood, and increase the body’s ability to heal faster.